Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review : Evil on The Peace River By Beverly Lein

Evil on the Peace RiverEvil on the Peace River

There’s no name for the kind of evil that’s taken a foothold in the hills… The calmness of the community is reflected in its name. Peace River is the kind of small town you read about: where everyone knows your name; where neighbors look out for each other; and where the toughest kind of criminal you’re likely to come across is a lone horse thief. But a cold wind has blown into the Peace—as the locals call it—one that takes the form of two psychopaths whose consciences are guided only by their own twisted desires. Bent on wreaking as much carnage as possible while they line their pockets, two brothers terrorize the normally quiet Northern Alberta community. Their deadly rampage gathers steam and cutting a bloody swath across the hills. It’s a deadly game of ‘hunt to kill’, as police struggle to stem the tide of bodies the brothers leave in their wake.

A murder,Prison breakout,a Child missing and  Jane a seemingly average woman who planned a 30 day  horseback riding trip along the Peace River  stumbles into the heart of all the chaos.I read this book in one night.It is Suspenseful from start to finish and literally keeps you at the edge of your seat as each piece of the story unfolds.I look forward to reading other books by Beverly Lein.

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