Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amazon Free E Book Chloe Zoe and the Very Odd Hole by Michael Wills and Collin David

Chloe Zoe and the Very Odd Hole by Michael Wills and Collin David
 is Free on Amazon Today.

A Chloe Zoe Book

Join Chloe Zoe as she finds a very odd hole in her yard and tackles it with a sense of adventure and wonder!

For Kids of All Ages

An early reader for all kids, but at approximately a Grade 1 reading level. Lovingly built using the Kindle Format 8 fixed pages picture book layout, each page contains the text together with an exciting picture of Chloe Zoe and her friends. Read Chloe Zoe on your full color reader, tablet, phone, or computer -- just like a regular children's picture book. Flip through the pages easily (see sample image uploaded above).

Full Color Illustrations

Beautifully illustrated by Collin David. Every page has an exciting, big, full color image. All reading text share the page with the related art, for a great reading experience, especially for younger readers.

Don't have a Kindle get a Free Reading App to read on your computer or you can purchase a Kindleon Amazon as well.

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