Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goal For It! Chore Chart Review

  A new year has rung in as well as a fresh start for parents and kids to set new goals.I am constantly setting goals for myself and encourage my kids to do the same.I'll be honest I always start off with good intentions but often either get side tracked or completely forget what it is I wanted to accomplish.I also a huge list maker I have lists floating around my house for everything from to do lists to grocery shopping,to items I need for kids various activities and my long term list of things I either need to do l or things I keep a look out for or want to do.I often lose these or they get buried in paperwork.Its becomes very stressful.
  I Recently signed up for a site call Goal For It.Goal For It is a online resource that offers solutions for personal success,Balance and Fulfillment to everyday life.It's quick and easy to use and  best of all its Free!

   Goal Setting and Goal Tracker  makes it easy for kids and adults to set goals and create a action plan to complete them as well as track your progress and that great feeling of marking it complete.You can set up Daily Goals or more long term goals.You can also share your progress with friends or set it securely private.I think this is a awesome way to teach kids to set up and achieve there own goals.It's very quick and easy to use.
 Chore Chart can help teach your kids, tween and teens in a fun colorful way Responsibility,money matters,healthy habits as well as understanding right from wrong.Its also super quick and easy to set up it literally only took me a minute to set one up for my 7 year old daughter.Plus they have fun colorful themes and designs you can customize each child's.
 Behavioral chart also has a lot of great themes and allows you to set up basic behavioral goals for each child,tween or teen such as good manners at the table,sharing,listening (my personal favorite) and more .
 To Do List allows you to create a list for pretty much anything.
 I was extremely impressed with how quick and easy Goal For It is to use.I love the fact of having everything in one place and being able to keep it private or share with others when you've completed your goals.I also really loved that you can print off your lists and chores charts or just keep track of them online.I think I'll just keep track of them online for now:) After starting using Goal for it for my lists and goals it immediately took a lot of stress off me for trying to remember 50+ things.This makes t so easy for my kids to keep track of their chores and set goals for themselves as well as teach them the process of achieving their goals.

(Disclosurer: I was compensated for this post,However all opinions expressed are my own)

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