Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zaggora Hotpants 2 Weeks Challenge #hotinhotpants

Yay I was so Excited to Get my Zaggora Hot Pants and take the 2 Week Challange .I Immediately opened the package and  tried them I ordered a size small which fit comfortably snug on me the material has a squishy feel and when wearing them rides high above the abdomen (That is Where I need the most help).

So What are Hotpants? Hotpants are Specially designed sports shorts that contain bio-ceramic technology,which emits far infrared rays reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to deliver warming up of tissue deep below the skins surface.
  Hotpants work hard your body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite. Lose 2 Jean sizes in 2 Weeks.The more you wear them the more they work even when your not working out.

I have  finished my 2 week challenge so what do I think?I am not a  person who sweats allot I use a elliptical 4-5 days a week and mix Yoga and Pilates about 4 days a week .Wearing the Zaggora Hotpants I literally was sweaty within 5 minutes of putting them on I lost around 5 pounds in the 2 week duration only wearing the Hotpants while exercising.They were comfortable to wear I was very Impressed they actually worked I will definitely stick with wearing these and they are comfortable enough to just wear around the house as well a huge benefit for anyone to busy to sneak in a workout.

To Find out more about Zaggora Hot Pants go to .You can also find them on  Twitter and Facebook.

(Disclaimer :I received a pair of Zaggora's Hotpants to participate in the 2 week challenge.I did not receive any compensation ,my Opinion is 100% my own)

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