Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Perfect Gift Why #GiftCardsRock

 I am a Huge fan of Gift Cards Giving them,getting them They are some of the Easiest and universally loved Gifts.I love buying Gift cards during the Holiday season for friends and Family it takes so much stress and pressure off finding that perfect gift and gift cards are one size fits all.

 Great Reasons Why Gift Cards Rock to give:
 *Incentives Around the holidays a lot of places offer incentives to buy gift cards in other words buy a Gift card for $40.00 and get a Free $10.00 Gift Card Keep it for yourself or add gift to someone else.
*Save time and less stressful Instead of spending hours searching for the right gift pick up a gift card for that persons favorite place you both will be happy.We all have so much going on this time of year doesn't it make sense.
*Teens,Teens,Teens,Teens Did I mention Teens  My Teens are hard to shop for I love to give my daughter some money for gas for Christmas but it seems so informal to give cash.So I chose to pick her up a Gas Gift Card and wrap  it in a cute little box.Also Teens tend to change their mind and style often its just easier and safer (in my opinion) to buy  gift card.
*More bang for the Buck Most places have clearance after the Holidays getting a Gift card for someone on your list could actually get them more than just that sweater you were originally planning on purchasing.

Why Gift Cards Rock To get:
*Now I'm sure I'm not the only one that goes Christmas shopping for everyone and finds half a dozen things  would love to have myself (or maybe I am).When I receive a gift card to my favorite store I get so excited first reason is its like getting permission to spend money on myself,Secondly I already start scanning the store shelves in my mind making a mental note and Drooling of all the goodies I will be getting with my new found fortune that's meant solely for me.

You can never go wrong with a Gift card and there are so many creative ways to gift it a envelope,New wallet,cute box,mini stocking or my favorite (how my family used to do) make them work for it put that little gift card in a box,then another box a little bigger keep going until you get to your desired size box and wait until you see the look on their face when they unwrap box after box just to find another box until they reach the Real Gift a Gift Card to their favorite place.

Happy Holidays!

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