Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New U by Kotex For Tweens!!

   It's hard to believe but some girls are getting their Period as young as 8 years old,Jaw dropping in't it?I know my Jaw dropped when I first learned this information,Had I not learned it I probably would have waited a few years to have "The Talk" with my Tween,But I'm glad I do know so I can talk to her and when she does get her first period at any age she will be prepared and knowledgeable about it.
   Research shows one in three girls don't know what going on when they do experience their first period.U by Kotex has come out with a great Pads and Liners specially designed  just for Tweens (Girls between 8 and 12)
So Whats The Difference Between Tween pads and regular pads?
*Tween Pads are smaller in size for younger girls
*Come in Vibrant Colors and Patterns
*Have a special cover to insure they stay dry,Plus a absorbent core to lock fluid way and prevent leaks.

Thanks to U By Kotex and Modern Mom I was given the Opportunity to Host a Party and speak with my Tweens friends moms about this touchy subject.I was given some Yummy gifts and goodies to share with my other moms while we discussed having "The Talk" with our Tweens along with some great tips from the U by Kotex Picking a day to have "The Talk" ,Facts,Preparing and How to  pick the right product for your Tween.They also share some Videos to help you get informed.I have a teen daughter as well but I have to tell you even after already talking to my teen years ago about this same subject I still felt ill equipped to talk with my Tween I found U by Kotex tween information very useful and  a huge resource.I also really love the fact it is designed specially for tweens ,its nice to see product for this issue specially designed for Tweens instead of using a one size fits all pad or liner.The Party was fantastic and we have all picked the date to have "The Talk" with our Tweens.

(Disclaimer:as a Modern Mom  insider I received Product samples and refreshments for my party,all opinions as always are 100% my own)

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  1. Ok so im 11 years old my mom has talked to me about it but im still a little scared what do i do

    yours truely,