Thursday, June 2, 2011

AMF Summer Unplugged Free Bowling!!!

 I Love to Bowl although I am not very good at it none the less its a great family activity and one of my Families Favorites with two teens we can get pretty competitive I think thats what makes it so much fun.I can look back to when I was a kid and remember my first time bowling,I think I remember it so well since I didn't quite know what I was know the line on the alley,the one your not suppose to go past?Well Guess what my First bowling game I walked right past that line and slipped and fell on my behind.Being that I was with Classmates I joked and told them I was trying to Bowl myself down the lane (Please don't try that yourself).After that lesson was learned I loved bowling with friends and now with family.

What activities does your Family enjoy?Well if bowling is one Starting May 30th- September 5th AMF Summer Unplugged is Giving Kids 16 an Under 2 Free Bowling Games a day at Select centers Shoe rental is not Included .Not only that that but Families (up to 4 people) age 17 and older who have a registered child can also Bowl 2 games a day all Summer long for Only  $27.95.Free Game Coupons are emailed every Sunday.
   And there's more Kids Combo Meals only $2.99 all summer,Pin Decorating Contest (Learn More on Their Facebook) and you can schedule a Learn -to-Bowl & Fun Competitive sessions.You can Find out More on AMF Summer Unplugged on their website,Twitter,Facebook and Youtube 


 (Disclaimer: I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post and stories told are my own.)

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