Saturday, December 4, 2010

Online Organazation:AboutOne Review !

  I am Always Looking for something to Help me get More Organized ,managing a Family of 6 it's not always easy to remember important Information.I was Recently Given the Chance to tryout  Aboutone. Helps you in Getting organized  It is designed  for you to Manage all your Family's Information in One Place and So Much More.
  Family Management Made easy You add your Family Members and From there you Store all your Families Important Information such as Health,Education,Home and Memories, That you can Access From anywhere, anytime.It also Has Bank -Level Security so no worries.Not to mention Very easy to Navigate.
   It allows you to have a More Organized Family  By Giving you  Places to Keep Online health Records such as Insurance Provider information,Dr Information along with any Heath Conditions,Medications ,allergies ,Dietary restrictions and Immunization records ,This Information will automatically be added to your Caregiver Instructions sheet that you can print off and leave with the Babysitter for a Appointment or in case of a Medical Emergency.They even have a Place for your Child's Education Records Making it easy for Applying to Collage  or completing school apps when it comes time.
  Another Great aspect is the Digital Organization .You can Store all our Family Memories along with Individual Memories ,Childhood Milestones and important events in your Families Life. You can then Take all these and add them to a Digital Scrapbook.They also have new Features coming.

 My Opinion About .I Like the Features of the website I especially Like it's safe Storage of my Important information That I can access anywhere ,anytime.I often get Distracted or Do not time to Go through my Filing Cabinet Looking For Important Information Especially when I may be Filling out information for 4 Kids it makes it Much easier for me to  just pull up the website and access it all in one place.I also Love it's ease of use and that "Live Help" is availiable if I need it and they are in the works to add new features to make my life easier.If Your Interested in Learning More About Just Click HERE.

AboutOne.Com Pricing
  • Try It Free For 15 Days
  • Monthly Plan $5.00/Mo
  • Yearly Plan $30.00/Year

(Disclosure: I Was Given Access to Aboutone to Review The Opinions are all my Own)

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