Thursday, December 9, 2010

Childrens Book Review: Adopted Ed

Adopted Ed written by Darren Madden who subsequently was adopted at the age of 10 days old and  Illustrated by Erin Fusco is a touching,Easy to Read Children's Book.This is the story about a Young boy Named Ed who's Adopted at Birth and tells of his journey through adolescents of being a adopted child From Being Bullied to Finding out How special it really is to be adopted.
    This is such a Excellent Book It's rhyming makes it fun to read and teaches not only children but Adults as well what a beautiful gift adoption is,it also can be heartrending  Reading of a small boy being bullied and his feelings of confusion over his adoption .It is a story as a parent I loved reading to my 6 Year old daughter (she read it as well by herself)I think it teaches so many valuable lessons not just about adoption but also about respecting peoples difference's.
To learn More about Adopted Ed you can visit the website HERE .

( I was given a copy of this by One2one Network to review ,however all opinions and thoughts are my own)

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