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Murdock Tackles Taos by Robert Ray Review & Giveaway

Murdock Tackles Taos

by Robert Ray

on Tour July - August 2013

Book Details:

Genre:  Mystery Published by: Camel Press Publication Date: June 15, 2013 Number of Pages: 331 ISBN: 978-1-60381-925-1 // 978-1-60381-926-8 Purchase Links:


A dead girl with an arrow sticking out of her back sends Matt Murdock and Helene Steinbeck on a killer-hunt that takes them to Angel Mountain where a cold-blooded steely-eyed killer has hypnotized some rich people into funding a naughty habit involving pretty girls, young women in great shape from the worlds of Art and Professional Sport. The odds are fifty to one that they won't get out of this mess alive.


This is not the first book focusing on Private eye Matt Murdock,it is however the first I have read .The story is intense right from the start a murder of one girl and then Helene stumbling into  her while someone is trying to kill her. I was immediately engrossed in the story line and the pace of the book I was constantly trying to guess what would happen next and the who done it.I Highly recommend reading and look forward to reading more on Matt Murdock.

Read an excerpt:

She had the day off and she was lonely in Taos so she took her laptop and her sketchpad and sat in the shade at the Hard Wire Café. She was sketching a guy for money because she was broke. He was handsome, with a great tan and a gorgeous smile. When he left her with a twenty she felt even lonelier. She bought a coffee, sweet iced latte, and hung out—was he gone forever or what? An hour passed, then two. She did another sketch—ten bucks, thank you—and then the handsome guy was back. “Come to a party,” he said. “Artists and writers, Colony People. Our kind, okay?” The guy drove a silver Humvee. She kicked off her sandals and settled into the comfy seat smiling. The guy had this really great profile.The Humvee climbed up, past the Pueblo, and crossed through a gate into Never-Never Land. Roofs, aspen trees turning, a lawn so green it came from England. The first person she met gave her a drag. The smoke invaded her brain, curled like a cat. The people were beautiful, some her age, some younger. The food was out of this world. Smoked meat, soft and succulent. “Have another bite, hon?” What is this meat, anyway? There was wine, beer, tequila shooters, Scotch whiskey so smooth it raised your hopes for a better world. A world for starving artists like herself. She danced around the campfire, barefoot. Her feet were tough from pounding New York streets. A pretty girl, Tammy with a Texas accent and a bouncy blonde ponytail, whipped off her blouse and kept dancing— torchlight on bare tits, sell that sketch, make a killing. Another girl, another blouse, and another. Blouses tossed like leaves in the wind, until she was the only one left, the only girl not on display. So she said, “What the hell?” and they clapped their hands, chanting, as she flung her blouse away and then....

Author Bio:

Robert J. Ray is a writer/ teacher with six Matt Murdock Mysteries, three volumes of The Weekend Novelist writing series, a tennis story, a thriller about diamonds, a small business textbook that has gone through five editions, and short pieces for magazines. He spent a dozen years teaching college students how to write better. He spent five years teaching tennis, using techniques like Inner Game.

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  1. I have read all the Murdocks. These are good mystery novels, written well. Mr. Ray knows his stuff.

  2. Thank you for sharing your insight on this book. Very nice!!

  3. Murdock does it again under the masterful pen of Robert Ray. This is a quick read, very enjoyable experience. Ray knows how to spin tale!