Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crumble By Fleur Philips


Eighteen-year-old Sarah McKnight has a secret. She's in love with David Brooks. Sarah is white. David is black. But Sarah's not the only one keeping secrets in the close-knit community of Kalispell, Montana. Her father George, who owns a local gun shop and proudly drives a truck with a Confederate flag bumper sticker, hides his own complicated past. When he discovers Sarah's relationship, George decides to share his feelings with Alex Mackey-a lonely classmate of Sarah's whom George has taken under his wing. As Alex embraces the power of George's dark hatred, the hopes and dreams of young lives hang in the balance. In just a few short months, Sarah and David will graduate from high school and leave Kalispell for a new life together in Los Angeles. Maybe in California, they can stop hiding their love-and the other secret they share...something George McKnight-and Alex Mackey-will never accept.

A Great quick story that focuses on more than just a forbidden love.I found it unforgettable and realistic from the beginning and was astonished the Author could fit so many things in such a short story.Since this is my first book I have read by Fleur Philips I really look forward to reading some of her earlier books. 

(Disclosure:I Received a copy of Crumble in exchange for my Honest Review,All opinions are 100% my own)

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Crumble, Heather. And thank you for the wonderful review! Greatly appreciated!