Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Excerpt :Endless By Tawdra Kandle

After the tumult of her high school senior year, all is right in Tasmyn Vaughan’s world. She’s attending college with her boyfriend, and she’s learning to control her powers. Everything is finally perfect, until it isn’t.

When her new part-time job leads to more than she bargained for, Tasmyn is thrown into a deadly fight against forces of evil that she didn’t even know existed. Mastering her extraordinary gifts—along with the strength of an endless love—may be the only weapon that can guarantee her a happily ever after.

Endless By Tawdra Kandle is the fourth Book in The King Series and has Excellent Reviews on Amazon.

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            When the waitress left, Cathryn leaned toward me.  “Tasmyn, I’m glad we have this chance to talk.  I feel like I know you, because Michael has talked—and thought—about you so much.”
            I gaped at her in alarm.  What did she know about me?  What had Michael thought?  I swallowed hard and glanced down.  “I don’t know what you mean.”
            “Come on, Tas.  Let’s not waste my time and yours playing games. I’ll lay it on the table.  I know what you can do, and you’ve guessed the same about me.”
            I tried to do anything I could think of to block her from my mind.  I didn’t trust her enough to confirm anything, and I didn’t know what her endgame was. 
            “We could actually sit here and have a conversation without speaking, you know, but I don’t think you trust me enough yet.  So I’ll do this the old-fashioned way.”  She leaned forward and dropped her voice slightly.
            “I’m not here to make you uncomfortable or to confront you.  I’ve been asked to offer you an opportunity.”
            Now every one of my defensive senses was tingling.  “An opportunity? No, thanks.  I’ve had my fill of those kind of ‘opportunities’.”
            Cathryn waved a perfectly manicured hand in front of her face.  “Tasmyn, I’m not Nell Massler, and I’m certainly not Marica Lacusta.”
            My mouth dropped open before I could stop it. My heart pounded; she knew so much.  It frightened me.
            “How do you know about them?” I whispered. 
             “Some of it from Michael’s thoughts, some from just plain research. Don’t worry, Tas.  I am very discreet.  Your secrets are safe with me.” She quirked an eyebrow at me, somehow undermining her own words.
            “I don’t trust easily.”
            “Of course you don’t.  I wouldn’t either, not after the way you were raised and the things you’ve been through recently. But I’m not asking you to trust me.  I’m merely presenting you with an option.”

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