Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Excerpt: Incredible Dreams By Sandra Edwards

Incredible Dreams (A Time Travel Romance)

Here's a Little Taste

  Jack Baker glided across the room toward the US Government’s latest exorcist. He’d never known there was a difference between a ghost and a spirit. She’d labeled him as the latter. Well— He chuckled. It’s good to know I’m not a re-run. Hovering on the edge of the desk, his legs breezed through hers. She shuddered, and he knew she’d felt the connection. Jack straightened and sighed with a wisp of anticipation. Her gaze traveled around the room as if she was studying every inch of it, taking in every ounce of information, reviewing every minute of his seclusion. Jack tried to wield her toward the boxes on the desk. He peered into the closest carton. A brown folder, tattered and faded, lay on top. His name had been scribbled at the top right corner. Was that his handwriting or someone else’s? Ideas swarmed his mind and he contemplated what could be inside that folder. What he wouldn’t give to take a look-see. He’d come to accept that he was dead long ago. He just couldn’t recall how it happened. “Go ahead, darlin’,” he encouraged her in a soft persuasive voice, anticipating reading over her shoulder. She sighed, reaching for a faded manila folder. Jack floated into a standing position. If he could find one piece of information in those files, one small detail to remind him about his life, he was sure it would re-establish his memories. Hope distorted his common sense and he forgot his boundaries. He breezed through the girl, the box, the desk—and tumbled across the floor, landing by the door. The girl paused, her fingertips barely touching the file. As if some invisible cosmic cord linked the two of them, she scanned the room again, slower this time. She wheeled the chair around facing the wall, and after a brief interlude, peered over her shoulder. Her ocean-blue eyes seized Jack and held him captive. Breaking free took most of his energy and all his concentration. He soared to the chair by the door, sat and crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her. He needed to keep his distance, far enough away to be safe. To stay in control. To keep from invading her realm. She knew he was there. He was sure of it. Was it possible? Could he actually communicate with her? The prospect stimulated his perception and sped through him like a P-51 Mustang chasing the sound barrier. His heart felt like it was pounding in his chest again. Who was this girl? Some kind of demon? There had been others. Self-proclaimed psychics and spiritual therapists, as she so gallantly called herself. The Air Corps ushered them in like soldiers being inducted into the Army. Their goal—to remove him. None ever could. And neither would she. He was going to have a good time watching her try. This one was a real looker. They didn’t make them like her in his day. Her chestnut-brown hair had blonde streaks. It was the damnedest thing he’d ever seen. Yet it suited her, bringing out her vivid blue eyes. Jack marveled at how easy he could get lost in their endlessness, reminiscent of the deepest part of the Pacific on a clear day. Her full lips, the color of pomegranate seed, were ripe for kissing. If only…. The intoxicating scent of flowers—what was it? Jasmine, maybe—filled the air. Jack smiled. Either she was invading his world or he was breaking through to hers. Now he smelled her perfume.

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