Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forget Me Not Book 2 The Mystic Wolves Series review

Forget Me Not (#2, The Mystic Wolves) The Second book in the Mystic Wolves Series by Belinda Boring starts off right where the first book in the series ends with Darcy and Mason only here somes new trouble Masons Crazy ex Amber enters the picture Claiming to be his future mate.Amber Claims Asylum claiming her father made her and claiming she is in danger from her father and the rest ofher pack,but still  stops at nothing to try to reclaim Mason as her mate .Darcy and Mason with the help of Devlin Fight to keep their pack together.

 This Book is Phenemenol I loved the first book but this one was far better Belinda Boring's writing is so decriptive and intense you feel like you are right there with the characters.I felt so bad for the mystic wolves and all they had already been through in the first book including the loss of Mason's sister Jasmine and was shocked at the lengths Amber goes through to try to win Mason back .Amber's charater is the kind you love to hate and Devlin seems to be the perfect allie (seriously I love Devlin ) The story ends with a cliffhanger having you drool for more.

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  1. Thank you Heather for a wonderful review and being part of the blog tour. I'll tell you a secret ... Forget Me Not was my favorite book in the series as well :) So much happened, but just wait until Testing Fate LOL

    Thank you to everyone who's following the tour and I hope you enjoy the series!!

    <3 Bels