Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ELITE Travalo Review & Giveaway Plus Excliusive 50% Coupon Code!

  I am not new to Travalo I own a couple and have purchased one for my Teenage daughter as well.Beyond just  being pretty I love the fact it takes so little room in my already clustered handbag.It's also nice that I can carry more than one a a time rather than carrying bulky perfume bottles,it's easy to fill and refill as needed and reasonably priced.

   Being a huge fan I am so excited that not only will one lucky have a chance to win a Travalo Elite but I am able to offer all readers a exclusive discount code for 50% off any ELITE Travalo's or ELITE Travalo's gift sets .The Discount is only available for Today July 31,2012 enter code SAVE46 at checkout.

The Travalo Elite
holds 5 mL of any favorite fragrance (65 sprays) and is made of light, yet strong aluminum. Suitable for men and women, like all of Travalo’ s products, Travalo Elite is TSA approved and features a clear window to gauge the level of perfume or cologne. Travalo Elite works with any cologne or perfume bottle with a removable nozzle and because of its spill-free internal refill system, no fragrance will be wasted.
Each Travalo Elite comes with a lifetime warranty in addition to the following features:

•98 percent recyclable, environmentally-friendly, lightweight material
•Features a clear window to gauge level of perfume

•Works with removable nozzle bottles

•Available in perfect pink, hot pink, gold and silver

•Spill-free internal refill system; no funnels or other parts

•Holds 65 sprays of perfume or cologne

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(Disclosurer:I was not compensated for this ,I did recieved a sample for my review all opinions are,However 100% my own as always)

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