Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Navy Getting ready for Summer with new shorts!

I was so ready for summer this year the winter seamed to drag on.It gets so tiring having to wear layer upon layer of clothes.So I was so excited to be chosen by Crowdtap to Have a Old Navy Shorts Sample Share.The timimg couldn't be better I had already pulled out  my summer clothes and new shorts are definitly a must.
  Before grabbing my daughter and heading off to Old Navy I decided to check out the online selection again (yes again) I had my eye set on a few pairs Bright colors.My daughter and I left with coupons in hand.IOnce we got to Old Navy we started browsing their huge selection of shorts.Just when I thought we seen every pair in the Store wouldn't you know there was more.My daughter had a pair or should I say a few selected right away But sadley I couldn't find the Bright green ones I had my heart set on getting but lucky for me I did have a lot to choose from I ended up selecting a pair of colorblock shorts that has bright green in it and decided on purchasing a solid black pair while I was there(can you believe I don't own a pair of black shorts?)
 We had a really good time and through the whole trip I was making mental notes of things to buy on my next trip or maybe online purchase when I finally get my bright green shorts.

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