Monday, January 30, 2012

Listerine Total Care Fresh Mnt Zero Review

 As a Member of Crowdtap I was recently chosen to sample and share  Listerine's Total Care Fresh Mint Zero Anti cavity mouthwash.Listerine Total care mouthwash is less intense and has Zero alcohol it also

*Helps prevent cavities
*Restores enamel
*Strengthens Teethe
*Kills bad breathe germs
*Cleans the whole mouth
*Freshens breathe

I liked the Minty taste and was pleasantly surprised that it was not harsh to use as regular mouthwash my Guests also enjoyed the 6 benefits in one.

To Learn more about Listerine Total Care Anti cavity mouthwash Visit Listerine.

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(Disclosure: I was sent sample from Crowdtap ,all opinions are my own.A referral link is included in this post)

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