Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Esurance Five-Mom inspired driving tips #Esurance

 Who do you go to for the best advice and tips for just about everything but Mom or Moms in general and who is your go to for help selecting the best car insurance for your family but Esurance .
  In honor of Mothers Day (May 9th)  its only natural Esurance would give you 5-Mom inspired driving tips its a match made in heaven.My driving tips are

1.Buckle up in the State of Michigan its the law,I'm not sure about other states but regardless you should do it and if you have kids make sure their buckled up and in age appropriate seats.

2.Be Prepared Make sure you have a spare tire,carry extra blankets,First aid kit,and flares.Generally you can find kits to put in your car that will contain everything you need.

3. Maintain your car make sure your tire pressure is correct,your oil change is up to date,the windshield washer fluid is full (you don't want to have slop on your windshield and no way to clean obstructing your view),the snow is removed from your headlights and taillights making them visible.

4.Drive Safely Pay attention to the weather and road conditions,Drive accordingly keeping your speed down in worse weather (even if the car ahead of you isn't),drive at a speed you feel safe and No tailgating.If conditions are really bad and its not a emergency don't drive in them at all.

Above all trust your own instincts,don't follow the crowd.I know this winter in Michigan the Weather has went from Mild to nasty within hours on some days.In my area of the state we have already seen major accident that had fatalities its sad to see or hear and reminds you of how precious life is and how quickly and unexpectedly it can be taken.

About Esurance
   Esurance is one of the top names in online auto Insurance They promise of  making car insurance easier from quote to claim. As well as  offer a wealth of easy-to-use online tools as well as 24/7 expert service.They are making insurance smarter from quote to claim.Everything they do is the goal of saving you time,hassle,hair-tearing-out,And saving money.You can use the Esurance coverage counselor to help you figure out the exact coverage limits you need.You can File a Claim and send pics from your mobile phone.Call anytime and speak to one of their friendly experts about discounts.If you have a Smart phone you can get the Esurance App that has a feature that allows you to check the status of your car and see pics while your car is in the shop.

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  1. Good post. Mom inspired tips work usually :).. I have experience in this one and I love my mom much to give all my expertise on driving credit to her :)



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