Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My kid's back to School Style #jcpback2school

 When I was a Kid  like many other kids my age the best part of going back to school was new clothes.They reflected the trends at the time and also my individual style.Now having four kids its fun watching them express themselves through their clothing choices.Its also fun to see how much their style choices change throughout the years.With School right around the corner everyone excited about School clothes shopping It's still a blast for me even though I'm not the one getting the clothes.
  When she was younger my oldest daughter Cecily would only wear dresses through the years she made dramatic changes and went through a stage of being clad in  Neon Green and other Loud,bright colors from head to toe,then just a tee shirt and jeans girl now she at the age of (Almost) 17 she enjoy more girly clothing like Floral skirts,dresses,and other dressier items.She still sticks with a few basics like Camie's for under shirts and the occasional Henley and t-shirt with jeans but she always puts her own unique touches to them.And of course accessories to match.
  Dillon my (Almost) 16 year old son has always had a mixed style he has worn everything from  Polo shirts to Jersey's and tee shirts of whatever sport he was into at the time Usually Football or Motor cross and name brand Shoe Label Apparel,and always Hoodies.Now he keeps it pretty mixed up he still loves tee shirts and Hoodies and Henley and the occasional Polo.
 Leah Almost 7 Likes a wide Variety of clothing options Skirts paired with legging under them,Funky shirts,and pretty,dainty skirts and dresses. Accessories from belts,to jewelry to a large selection of  shoes and sandals.It's a big change from summer months when she will practically live in a swim suit and  usually a pair of shorts or skirt the only thing that does not change is her love of shoes.
  Xavier is 2 and not at all fussy about what he wears he's to young to Grasp style yet (excluding of course the occasional shorts on his head,is that a Style?)but he does love Sponge Bob and likes to wear anything Sponge Bob whenever possible even extremely warm Pajamas in the middle of a Hot summer day.A few more years and he will have his own sense of style.
 So that's everyone of my Kids sense of style. What's your Child's Individual Back to School sense of Style?
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