Friday, May 13, 2011

Unilever Don't Fret The Sweat For Tweens and Teens!

 When I was young kids didn't start using deodorant and like product until their teen years When my oldesty daughter now almost 17 was around 9 or 10 we had to have her start using deodorant and around that time she wasn't the only tween I knew that had to do so my Daycare Provider and  I were having a conversation and her daughter who is 2 years younger than mine was wearing deodorant.
  Research shows Kids are entering Puberty at a Early age and all the stuff that comes with it including Body Odor.Unilever the makers of Degree ,Dove and Suave have created a new resource for  Tweens,Teens and Parents called "Don't Fret The Sweat" .They have Valuable Tips,Help Answer Important Questions like When is it Okay for my child to start using Deodorant,as well as help determine the best product for your Child and much more.Including a Panel of Experts to Answer any tween related Questions
   With my Youngest daughter fastly approaching these years I am excited to see how this program will benefit her.
You can Find out More about Unilever Don't Fret The Sweat By connecting with Them on Facebook  or Visiting the Don't Fret The Sweat Website.

(Disclosure:As a  Member of One2One Network I am entered to win a prize for writing this ,No Monetary Compensation was received all opinions are 100% my own)

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