Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remembering Graduation and Looking ahead at Kids Graduation.

   Do you remember Your High School Graduation?I Remember the excitement of moving onto collage,the accomplishment of actually graduating  I had 2 children when I graduated and was so proud that I actually graduated on time,and the look on my Family especially my moms face the proud expression.I remember feeling Like the world was in my hand and that anything and everything was possible.Honestly I still Feel That way and when my own children graduate which my 2 oldest will be graduating in a couple years I hope they feel the Same way as I did.I hope they reach for their dreams and do something they truly love.
  Graduation is one of the most exciting and memorable  times of your life.Even the Preparation is Magical getting your Graduation Pictures taken,Cap and Gown,and Getting out your Graduation Announcement Invitations.Saying Goodbye to yesterday and moving on to the future with all your Friends and Family There to support you.It is a moment in time you will never forget.

(Disclamer: I was compensated for writing this Post All Opinions and stories shared are 100% my own)

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