Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nutella Party and $1.00 Coupon #NutellaParty

Thanks to Mommy Parties and Nutella I Recently  had the opportunity to Host a Brunch style party and invite my  Friends and Family to try Nutella Hazelnut Spread .This was the first time I and many of my guests had tried this unique spread  it has a wonderful cocoa taste and we tried it with a variety of breakfast recipes.I made Breakfast Sandwiches which  consisted of  English Muffins, Nutella Spread ,and Fresh Sliced  Strawberries,Breakfast Rolls a whole wheat tortilla with Nutella,dried cherries and Apricots,Yummy these recipes were included in my party kit. Nutella was also served on toast with Fresh Fruit and Juice and of course we had fun brainstorming other ways to use yummy spread.
  For anyone not familiar with Nutella it is a Hazelnut spread which contains hazelnuts (each jar contains over 50 Hazelnuts), sugar,skim milk and a hint of cocoa, and is usually considered a breakfast food.Personally I think it makes a great snack as well.
  Each Guest was excited to get a goody bag contained a attractive Nutella Tumbler Mug, Nutella Spreader ,Breakfast tip cards,information sheets,samples packs and coupons.
 It was a blast being able to try this with friends and family.I had a lot of  fun and so did my guests.
 You can also Taste Nutella for yourself using this $1.00 coupon and earn some  Nutella swag in the process Just save your Nutella 13oz spread UPC and shop Nutella's boutique  and Fill out the merchandise order form.

Thank you Nutella & Mom select!!

(Disclosure: I was given Nutella Products to try for this party all opinions expressed are my own)

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