Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Thing about Easter!!

  I Love everything about Easter in Michigan it usually means if we don't already have Warm weather isn't that far away  ,even with cold weather we don't let it ruin our Easter Spirit .What  I Love about Easter is The Brightly colored Easter eggs and Beautifully decorated Easter Baskets ,Dressing up for a Nice Easter Dinner Ham, Potatoes,Pie and more and sitting down and relaxing with Family.With all that said my Favorite Thing about Easter is the Easter egg hunt. Last year we took our to younger kids then 5 and 1 to a community Easter egg hunt my older kids opted out of the hunt being to old and mature of course .There were  two hunts going one for bigger kids held outside and one for babies and toddlers held inside while my daughter Leah started off slow she quickly got into the groove of things grabbing Easter eggs as quickly as she seen them my son Xavier was just confused as to what he was suppose to be doing but as you can see by the picture above he figured out the concept of his First Easter Egg Hunt after the hunt they were all treated to ice cream.My children's favorite part of Easter may differ they love the small gifts,Jelly Beans and other assorted sweets and in our home on Easter Day they have to Hunt not only for Eggs but also the Easter Baskets containing all the goodies   and treats it gets harder every year to hide them in new and original places.
  This year I am Really looking forward for my kids to attend the Easter egg hunt .I Can't wait to see my now 2 year old son Xavier searching for and filling his little basket with colorful eggs and of course seeing how many eggs Leah now 6 will grab and of course I look forward to spending quality time with my two older children as well and maybe trying  a few new easter recipes .
 We also look forward to seeing the new movie "Hop The Movie" and maybe making it part of our Easter Tradition, I think all my children ranging from two - sixteen  years of age will like it.How can you go wrong with a Funny movie with a cute and Cuddly Easter Bunny in it on Easter especially one that carries Jelly Beans.What is your Favorite Part of Easter?

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