Thursday, February 10, 2011

Power Rangers Samuri and emPower Kids Movement plus Nominate your Child to Be Ranger of The week.

Remember the Power Rangers?My Kids used to watch them all the time Fighting for good and Standing up for whats Right.Well their back with a New Rangers Jayden,Kevin,Mia,Emily and Mike.Their also on a New Network and have a .New Look Samuri They still are action packed,Fighting bad guys and Doing whats right Not to mention their  advanced special effects that will leave every child wanting to be a Power Ranger.
Power Rangers Samuri Debuted on Nickelodeon on Monday February 7Th, But will have a  regularly scheduled spot For Sunday at Noon.

emPower Kids Movement
Along with The New Power Rangers Samuri There is also the launch of the emPower Kids Movement.emPower Kids allows both parents and Kids to work together and grow healthy and support healthy communities.emPower also inspires to demonstrate the Power Ranger Values Standing up for Whats Right,Teamwork,Confidence,Health and Physical Fitness, and caring& Friendship.

Ranger of the Week
Everyweek the emPower website will feature a child Nominated by their Parents to be the Ranger of the week will have their photo and story to inspire all how kids are making a difference.You Can Nominate your little Ranger on th emPower Facebook Page

You can find the Power Rangers Samuri on Facebook and Learn More About Power Rangers emPower on Their Site Don't Forget to Tune in Sunday at Noon For the Power Rangers Samuri .If you missed the preview you can still watch it on

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