Monday, September 27, 2010

Review Whats The Truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup?


      With Halloween right around the Corner Its a Good time to Start Thinking Whats in our Children's Candy and Goodies From Trick-Or-Treating,School & Halloween Parties.
 With all the information roaming the Internet & T.V. on High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS it can be absolutely mind boggling to distinguish what is the healthier option?I was thrilled to finally sit down and here some comparing facts about the two when I attended a Webinar stating the Fact of HFCS.
  First of all It's a natural sugar made from corn Second :It's No worse for you than Table Sugar.Not only do they Both contain the same amount of calories,Neither is more responsible for causing Obesity,Diabetes or Heart Disease than the other. They Contain almost equal parts of fructose and glucose.
and Third  It is Multi Functional: It not only sweetens our food but also prevents food from Browning,Adjusts Freezing Point & Delays Food Staling Just to name a learn more Facts about Corn suger please check out

What's My Opinion? Honestly I don't find HFCS to be as Scary as alot of sources may have you believe,I really believe its more about how much your consuming and you or your childs activity level .Wheather its HFCS or Suger Consumption of either is OK in moderation over doing any type of food is harmfull to your health.  

(Disclosure:The information shared was provided by the Corn Refiners Association.  I have been compensated for writing this blog post.  All opinions are my own.)

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