Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iRazoo Earn While you Search!!

If you like SwagBucks Then you'll like iRazoo .
iRazoo is a Search Engine Like SwagBucks You Earn Points and Redeem for things like Gift Cards and More and everytime you do a web search you have a chance at instantly winning a $5.00 Amazon GiftCard.

Ways to Earn On iRazoo 
Doing Web Searchs: on the internet you would be Doing anyway Everytime you do a search you have a chance to win Points.You can also Instantly win $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards
Voting & Commenting on Websites: whenever your on a website you will have the Opurtunity to vote(Recommend) the site and Posta comment you will get 25 Points up to 100 points a day when you  Vote and Comment on at least 2 websites.
Treasure Codes:Finding & Entering treasure codes found on iRazoo Facebook,Blog,Message Board,my account page and iRazoo Search Results Page.Enter them on Your "MyAccount" Page.

Go HERE to sign up for iRazoo and Start Earning.

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