Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Earn Money when you Share Your ArtsCow Orders with Facebook Friends!

With Artscow You can now Earn up to $10.00/Month When you Share your Artscow Orders online with Facebook Friends.
 go to your Artscow Account Tab
Click Share and Earn Link
Write a Short Post about your item
 get Paid up to $1/Post

Chart on PayScale
Facebook Friends Count Cash Reward per Post

Facebook Friends              Payment
10 - 49                             $0.2

50 - 99                             $0.3

100 - 299                        $0.5

300 - 5000                      $1

Terms and Conditions

1.Each user may post up to one post per day.

2.Each user may post up to ten posts per calendar month.

3.Each post must be of a different designed product.

4.Facebook accounts must contain at least 20 friends.

5.All qualifying posts will be rewarded with up to $1 cash dollar.

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