Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Friends Monday!

Amber is Hosting Friend Making Monday! Yeah My 3rd week Participating.I Had alot of fun reading everyones blogs last week.To join the fun click HERE

                                    ::Favorite things about Easter::

                                               {Tell us about your Easter experience}

My Easter Started Early Friday I took my Kids on A road Trip to See my Mom & My Brother who was Up
Saturday Back Home we went on a Easter Egg Hunt Or Should I Say my 2 youngest Did and yes the Easter Bunny was There.Later we PAinted Easter Eggs at Home

Sunday We woke up to Easter Baskets and spent the day Relaxing and outside after it got nice.My Favorite thing about Easter is being with Family & Not feeling obligated to get things done.

Hope Your Easter was Just as Great!!!


  1. I agree on the "feelings of obligation"... THAT is what MONDAYS are for. HA!


  2. Isn't being together with your family on Easter the greatest thing? I love it so much : ) I am glad they had fun on their hunt! : )

  3. So nice! I have to say, it wasn't exactly a day where I didn't have to get anything done - but it was nice to see my dad relax for once on a holiday which is usually held at my parents' house. He's always running around like a maniac and always eats last - for once he got to chill out. That made the day for me!

  4. Sounds like you had a great relaxing day! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  5. I have never painted eggs. Is is hard?? Happy Belated FMM.